Union County Technology Solutions Renews Commitment To CEO Program

December 22, 2017


Union County Technology Solutions Renews Commitment To CEO Program

UNION COUNTY—Local technology and services firm Union County Technology Solution has announced its signing of a new three-year investment commitment to the Union County CEO Program at the level of $1000 per year.  Owner and lead consultant Rollie Hawk has been a long-time supporter of the program and is proud to continue in that support.

“I’ve worn a lot of different hats for Union County CEO, which I guess is par for the course with this program,” said Hawk.  “Board member, chairman, presenter, investor, donor, fill-in facilitator.  We even assemble their annual report every year.  That’s how it works; once you get involved in one aspect of CEO, you want to help out with the others.  Working with these young people with so much passion to learn about business and entrepreneurship really charges you up and reminds you of why you started a business in the first place.”

The Union County CEO Program is an entrepreneurship program for Union County juniors and seniors attending any public or private high school within the county and gives those students the opportunity to learn from members of the business community for two hours a day outside of school for high school credit.  Students must apply and be accepted into the program and during the year will start a class micro business, a class business and finally an individual business culminating in a regional trade show at the end of the school year.

“I like that it isn’t just a program for your ‘straight A’ students,” added Hawk.  “Being a great student doesn’t necessarily translate to being a great entrepreneur.  Maybe you are great on an academic level but you just aren’t a risk taker.  Or maybe you are a risk taker but you don’t buckle down and do the research.  There’s a real balance and a unique kind of agility you have to develop if you are going to succeed in business and this program is a place to learn those lessons before you have a family and a mortgage and a day job and so many responsibilities.”

Union County CEO, like all CEO programs, is funded entirely by investors.  Hawk challenges other local business owners to make the same pledge his company has made to the Union County CEO Program.

“When we first invested, this was something new and a lot of business owners were skeptical when asked to invest.  But in its third year as a successful program, this is established and building the future business leaders of our community right now.  If you are serious about creating a positive impact in your community and with young people, you need to step up and get invested in this program.”

More information on the Union County CEO Program is available at UnionCountyCEO.org.  Immediate donations can be made through the Southern Illinois Community Foundation at SICF.org or you can contact info@unioncountyceo.com to commit as an investor.  If you’d like information on bringing a CEO program into your community, visit the Midland Institute’s website at MidlandInstitute.com.


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