Information Technology Firm Donates Advertising Time to High School Entrepreneurship Program

November 25, 2016


Information Technology Firm Donates Advertising Time to High School Entrepreneurship Program

ANNA—Local IT firm Union County Technology Solution has announced it is donating advertising time to the Union County CEO program on WIBH Radio during the remainder of November and the month of December.  The first two of these ads were featured on the “A Thankful People” program on WIBH on Thanksgiving morning.

The ads are being used to promote the 2016-2017 CEO class business Hearing our Hometown Heartbeat.  This class business will be used to raise funds for the students to use in starting their individual businesses during the spring semester.

Union County Technology Solutions owner Rollie Hawk has been a longtime supporter and investor in the CEO program and was quick to credit WIBH for their additional support.

“When I spoke to [WIBH Sales Manager] Shawnna Rhine, I was purchasing the two Thanksgiving spots and fifteen additional spots,” explained Hawk.  “But once she heard this was for the CEO program, she offered to double the number of ads at no additional cost.  This is yet another example of how the business community has embraced the CEO program in our county!”

CEO students had the opportunity to record the ads at the WIBH studios in the days before their Thanksgiving break from school.

“This is a great opportunity to not only promote the program and their class business but to get to learn about radio marketing,” added Hawk.  “This is the great thing about CEO.  You don’t just read or talk about it—you learn by doing.”

More information about Hearing our Hometown Heartbeat can be found at  More information about the Union County CEO program can be found at the class’s website and advisory board website  More information about the CEO concept  is available at the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship’s website at

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